Your Help is NeededA single donation makes a world of difference.

You Should KnowGiving doesn't have to be a difficult thing.

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    Consider how much your donation will help to honor veterans everyday, not just the holiday.

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    Determine an appropriate amount of money that you would like to donate .

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    Click on the Give Now or Donate Today buttons. We also except checks that can be mailed to PO Box 493792, Redding CA 96049.


Make an impact by sponsoring a flag and flower today.

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One, Two, ThreeGetting involved is as easy.

Step 1: Donate

Your donation allows us to continue to honor Veterans everyday, not Just the holiday.

Step 2: Volunteer

I'm always looking for volunteers to help me place flags and spread the word about my cause. Please follow me on Facebook and Instagram.

Step 3: Repeat

My goal is to place Flags & Flowers to honor Veterans in every state in the US. Your continuous support helps me achieve my goal.

Whatever Works for YouWe accept Credit Cards and Checks.

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